We are committed for enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement in our Health & safety management systems and its performance. Top Management is also committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and providing resources to manage responsibly health, safety & environment matters associated with its operations. We commit to provide Clear QHSE System, policies and Standards procedures, and Process, adequate Training, Resources and support for and open and empowered Culture.

Customer Focus: We determine appropriate customer needs and requirements, and convert them into the form of defined requirements with the goal of achieving customer confidence and also maintain a system for handling of customer complaints. Obligations related to product, including regulatory, legal and health & Safety requirements are properly considered while determining and fulfilling customer needs and expectations.


We empowered, encourage and support all employees to make their contribution to continuously improve our QHSE Management system that will help us to work for the well being of our employees and other stakeholders. We believe, “Never knowingly do or say anything that might threaten the well-being of yourself, your colleagues, or anyone else; compromise the quality of our products or services; or damage the environment. Act quickly and decisively to STOP or prevent any possible Quality and QHSE event. Be open and honest all the times, reporting anything you see or find that could threaten our quality and QHSE Principles—-no matter how small or who is involve”.


We have specialized, Trained, Skilled and experience workforce in quality, Health Safety & Environment.


Our Tactical, Strategic, operational management and teams actively participates in health and safety planning, meetings, regular communications to implement, review, and monitor our health & Safety performance, influence behavior and promote safety culture.


Actively participate with the government and other responsible institutions in meeting applicable national and international Quality Health, Safety, Environment rules and regulations.

Continual improvement of our QHSE Management system, provide high degree of safety promotion and encourage safe behavior among all.


Develop and implement emergency evacuation procedures to minimize the consequences of accidents at our working areas.


Our Aim is ZERO Incidents, No work related injuries & ill Health, No environment demur-rage, eliminate, minimize or control the environmental aspect and occupational health & safety risk & hazards. Proactively monitor the unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, hygiene as well as promptly report and act on such conditions. Comply with procedures with all discipline and hold everyone accountable for their responsibility. Minimize risk by investigating incidents to determine their causes and as well as impact, both physical and financial, to develop actions and policies that suitably prevent recurrence.


Have its operating areas, equipment, storage facilities and other locations regularly inspected and audited by management and independent auditors.


Incorporate QHSE principles, policies and procedures into the key responsibilities of all personnel and ensure that their QHSE performance is accurately reflected in their appraisals.