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We believe on management at every level appraises that the need for all journeys and always search a way to eliminate the journey or find an alternative means of achieving the trip objective. If journey is necessary, we ensure that all on road hazards associated with travel by road within Pakistan are identified and understood and effectively control. Provide guidelines for Journey Management using internal and external resources to effectively and quickly respond to Client requirements are covered and in order to: Eliminate or minimize on road incidents. Accidents, or near misses, Assess, Prevent or minimize Risk, Plan and manage on road vehicle operations, ensuring that only necessary travel is undertaken, Ensuring effective controls and procedures are in place to mitigate the risk.


CREDIBLE LOGISTICS NETWORK has a fleet that gets replaced, inspected and maintained on a regular basis. We seek to provide a more reliable service to customers to deliver on time to mission critical operations by minimizing down times, on route break down and delivery failures.


We have developed a team of trained, Experienced, Skill, specialized and educated supervisors, drivers, crane operators, riggers, Forklift operators, and helpers. Because driving is the key that exposes our employees and other road users to the greatest risk of a catastrophic event. To control this risk, the standards are implemented, as a minimum, at all company locations. To ultimately eliminate driving related crashes that cause fatalities and injuries to employees, families, contractor, third parties and to minimize the damages to equipment through careful management of all phases of the transportation process by :-

  • Identifying and managing unnecessary exposure through active journey management.
  • Preventing and mitigating the residual risk through the proper selection and preparation of people, vehicles, equipment and routes.
  • For vehicle drivers training as defined in the QHSE training and certification catalog is mandatory for any employee who operates a vehicle.


Advance connectivity with the drivers and vehicles via tracker system base installed at our Head Office and Workshop. Every driver has a cell phone and all drivers are connected with the Head Office and the Operation Department round the clock.


The firm has provided a comprehensive insurance coverage to its entire working, office and field staff against accidental/natural death, permanent or partial disablement jointly by the Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited and State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.

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